Sarah Hoffman has a proven track record delivering progressive change to Edmonton.

In 2010, Sarah ran for school board fighting the never ending closure of schools. She defeated the incumbent Trustee with 70% of the vote.

After her election, Sarah became Vice Chair of Edmonton Public Schools, and was instrumental in bringing a moratorium on school closures. Along with a team of progressive school trustees, she helped develop an inclusion policy to make GLBT students welcome in all schools – a first on the prairies.

In 2012, Sarah Hoffman was elected Chair of Edmonton Public Schools at the age of 32.

Sarah Hoffman has the profile, experience and ability to win Edmonton Glenora for the NDP.  We need to elect her as our candidate, and as our MLA.

Nomination Meeting:
Friday, February 13th – 7:00 pm
Woodcroft Community League Hall
13915 – 115 Ave

The nomination is contested.  So please be sure to attend. To vote, your AB NDP membership must be up to date.  The cut off to sign up/renew your membership is January 29th.  You can become an NDP member on line right now.